I am everywhere
but I start from here

* asterisco-anni-di-esperienza

I am young, although my professionalism is centuries old. This is equivalent to the sum of the years of experience of all my personalities, so far.

Where I am

I am in Alba, in the Langhe, the land of my roots. This is where my creativity is born and, at the same time, where it takes flight: I love my native land as much as the worlds that are most distant to me.

What I do

To me, communication means to look at the world from a different perspective. Through new eyes and different tools, I translate what I see into messages that help me interpret my surroundings.


I see Alfian through my yellow filter and use this vision to work side by side with my clients. I help them to tell their stories, to grow and to stand out with targeted communication, backed by a strong strategic value.
Take a look at our manifesto: the Alfian vision_
Luigi Einaudi 7
marital status
many personalities
special features
I see yellow
in short
I am ALF-reliable

I have many personalities

What makes me stand out is not a face. It’s character!