I am one
but I split myself in

I have an eye for communication.
So why not take a look
at my ten talents?



    comparison, analysis and consultancy|definition of communication goals|tools choice
Every communication project has to be analysed, studied and evaluated in terms of marketing and business strategy before the strategic plan is developed. The role of the strategic communication plan is therefore a key element to integrate a project into the broader corporate strategy by defining its goals and tools.


    positioning analysis |naming study |logo design | visual identity creation
The brand tells your story, your values, your mission and the positioning you want to achieve in the market. The brand becomes the vehicle of colours, words and visual signs that, once combined, will interpret projects and companies by creating memories and brand recognition in the audience.

Corporate Identity

    business cards, letterhead |commercial documents, email signature |product catalogue |traditional and digital presentations |brochures, flyers, postcards, posters |trade fair/event set-ups |merchandising
Corporate identity - embodied in a brand - is also disseminated through daily communication tools: any corporate action, whether institutional, commercial or public relations, is more effective if it is coordinated with the brand identity. A coordinated corporate identity positions companies and projects at the top and proves effective in strategic terms.


    creative concept |offline and online advertising |digital campaigns
In order to get “straight to the point” you need to be aware of what you want to communicate and to whom. Advertising starts with a creative concept that is developed through a defined storytelling. The creation of an advertising campaign, whether it be a launch or institutional, product or service campaign, helps to creatively "condense" many concepts into a key message, expressed in space and time.


    institutional texts |slogans and claims for advertising campaigns |commercial texts |storyboard |SEO-oriented texts for websites |content for digital editorial plans |(social, blogs, newsletters)
To identify the appropriate tone of voice, narrative style, readability of a text is the task of copywriting: words have weight. Getting to the point in a clear and unequivocal way is essential for corporate and project narratives.

Web Design

    websites |landing page |online shop |web app
The web is closely tied to reality and is constantly changing shape. To keep up with it, you need to be informed, dogged and visionary. It is easy to use, but complex to create. The website is a “window on the world”, not only a place for images but also for communication and sharing contents with the public; designing a website is not just a question of aesthetics, but also a technical one.

Digital Marketing

    digital strategy |social media |online campaigns |SEO and positioning |blogs and newsletters |analytics
Digital communication is not an exact science, although there are many rules to follow; a winning strategy requires constant and accurate data monitoring, from which interesting evidence for targeted communication can be obtained.A good digital marketing project requires patience, well thought-out content, images and photographs, clear goals, an understanding of tools and potentials, budget and data analysis. And, of course, plenty of creativity.


    creative concept design |technical development and design |production support |traditional and digital prototyping |print-ready artwork |quality control in production
The creation of high-performance packaging means to follow a meticulous step-by-step process: creative concept and tailor-made graphic proposals, technical design study, analysis of materials and supports, feasibility study and optimization of production, finishes and details. *Alf's experience in packaging is extensive; it's a subject that we love, that we know very well and have been able to deepen and explore over time.


    creative direction, concept and storyboard |location scouting |video shooting (product shot, action, outdoor, spot, docufilm) |photo shoots (still life, food&wine, commercial) |post-production and photo and video colour grading |editing and sound design
The role of photography and videomaking is crucial in any communication project: to capture reality or to make people dream, to communicate messages through emotions. Be it product, institutional or creative shots, photography adds the right value. Be it a narrative video, a commercial or a digital campaign, video has the power to capture visual, auditory and emotional attention.

3D & Virtual Design

    photorealistic renderings |video animations |interactive 3D |product configurators |augmented and virtual reality
This is ALF's new division: 3D, virtual and augmented reality are the latest challenge. What we do here is the 3D packaging realization, starting from the physical product, from sketches or technical drawings. As a result, the 3D pack can be quickly shared and viewed on the web, allowing the product to be viewed as if it were physical, avoiding costly prototyping steps. By going beyond that, augmented and virtual reality are explored, allowing us to catapult ourselves into a truly futuristic dimension.